SISP - Information System for Public Health

SISP is not just a program, it is a whole system that affects every structure in a hospital service, where the focus is on patient service.

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SISP is the full computerization of health services for Public Health project. SISP system enables the digitalization of emergency, laboratory and imaging services. SISP aims to improve the health care access, providing the necessary information accurately, oriented correctly in a standard format for all, according to wards, services and departments, so that the administration level has the necessary information in proper time, evidence-based.

SISP – is the first and only software program in the field of medicine realized in the Albanian language, which integrates all services provided to the patient in a hospital structure. Allows the exchange of medical information in the service of medical staff and the patient. The computerization of receptions enables the systematization of the flow of outpatients, reducing the level of informality in the doctor-patient relationship, increasing the sense of responsibility, as well as increasing the documentation and quality of services provided to the patient.

SISP project purpose

Benefits of SISP project implementing

The benefits of implementing and enforcing such a system are for patients, service providers and the leaders of institutions.

Patient benefits:

For hospital service providers:

For the institution: