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The Integrated Health Information System S.I.I.S. is an H.I.S. (Hospital Information System based on the Hl7 protocol) that fulfills the necessary functional basis to meet the hospital administrative needs by structuring a DRG-oriented electronic clinical record.

S.I.I.S platform performs the E.M.R. processes. (Electronic Medical Records), E.H.R. (Electronic Health Records), P.M.S. (Practice Management Systems) and communications with L.I.S. (Laboratory Information Systems), R.I.S. (Radiology Information Systems) and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems). The platform was built specifically for the management of health facilities with up to 500 beds.

Aim of the SIIS project

S.I.I.S platform fulfills all security protocols and functional requirements required for a modern, secure and fluid hospital information system and is recommended for relatively small health facilities (under 500 beds) with the aim of:

Benefits of SIIS implementation

Currently, the system codifies, reports and tracks in real time the work processes and relevant information for: