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What is Arkimedo-21?

Archimedo 21 is a business planning and management software solution that helps companies and institutions manage the various key components of their business.

Why should be chosen Arkimedo-21?


In today’s world of digitalization, the amount of information materials that a business or institution must keep in mind or process them, is increasing every day and manual methods or not centralized, condition the increase of performance and sustainable success.

Archimedo-21 provides the business or institution with the ability to collect, store, analyze, and circulate data operations through a centralized system. A centralized system helps to benefit in real time all users of the system by issuing more efficient reports and providing statistical assistance for decision-making within the institution or business of financial level, production, clientele, performance, etc.

Where can be used Arkimedo-21?

Arkimedo21 has a wide range of uses, where the special advantage is the communication between different field groups in a centralized system.

Arkimedo-21 can be used on these areas:

Arkimedo-21 links with other processes:

Archimedo-21 as a centralized data processing and management software from different field groups, interacts and communicates in several ways with different concepts of urban digital inventory with GIS systems (Geographic Information System).